Terms & Conditions

For the purposes of these terms & conditions, The Wedding Emporium is a trading name of Dreamcatcher Events


Wedding & Event Stationery Terms & Conditions


Intellectual Property

1.    Intellectual Property, for the purposes of this statement, is defined as follows: All art & design work, including graphic & website design, wedding & event stationery, samples, greetings cards, posters, logos & trademarks created by Dreamcatcher Events. All creations hand made by Dreamcatcher Events, including greetings cards, wedding & event stationery and samples. All printed works designed & created by Dreamcatcher Events

2.    The Intellectual Property described above is owned completely by Dreamcatcher Events, who will retain copyright, and must not be used without express written permission. This includes all photocopying, printing, displaying or using it in any way that it is recognisable as the Intellectual Property of Dreamcatcher Events.

3.    If anyone is found to be in breach of these terms and conditions, the offending party will indemnify Dreamcatcher Events for any legal fees accrued as a result of the breach. Lost profits incurred as a result of any such breach will be repaid by the offending party.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

For the purposes of this statement, all Intellectual Property (as described above) will hereafter be known as “Design(s)”, and the person using our services will hereafter be known as the “Buyer”

1.    Dreamcatcher Events will supply the Buyer with the Design by the agreed date and time. The exact details of this will be on the quote supplied to you at time of booking.

2.    Dreamcatcher Events will retain copyright of this Design unless express written permission has been granted by us and the applicable fee paid. For Designs requiring release of copyright, the fee will be dependent on the scale and type of use.

3.    Any further use of the Design required after delivery of the goods, must be done through Dreamcatcher Events, unless express written permission has been granted by us and the applicable fee paid.

4.    The design fee is calculated using the time expected for the Design to be completed at a rate of £20 per hour. The design fee must be paid before any work will commence. Any delay in payment of the design fee may result in non-completion of the order by the finish date, which may result in delay or cancellation of the order. See section 7 below.

5.    The Design will be produced from the information provided by the customer and will include up to 2 amendments free of charge. Each amendment can include an unlimited number of changes. Thereafter, each amendment will be charged at £10.

6.    The payment schedule on the invoice will state a start and finish date for each type of stationery ordered. This is the time allocated by Dreamcatcher Events to producing the Design and completing the order. Design proofs will be sent to the email address given at the time of booking. Dreamcatcher Events request that the Buyer ensures that they have access to this email account at all times, as the Buyer is expected to communicate any required changes to the Design as soon as possible after receiving the proofs. It is advised to add contact@dreamcatcherevents.co.uk to the recipient email contact list. Delays in replying may result in non-completion of the order by the finish date. This will result in a delayed or cancelled order. Final fees for printed stationery are due when the proofs have been accepted and prior to the Design being sent to the printers. Please see the payment schedule on the invoice for final dates for payment. Failure to pay by the scheduled date will incur a delayed payment fee of £20 and may result in a delayed or cancelled order.

7.    Delays & Cancellations: The payment dates listed in the Schedule section of the invoice & service agreement are the final dates for payment of the agreed fees so that the order is processed and completed on time. Where the payment is delayed, this may result in non-completion of the order by the finish date. 

8.    The final Design will be sent via email for approval. If samples are required, fees will be payable to cover the cost of materials and printing.

9.   Fees for all stationery items are non-refundable after the design has been sent to the printers.

10. Dreamcatcher Events do not accept returns of personalised items.

11. The Buyer is reminded to check all details on the proofs and invoice thoroughly, as mistakes cannot be rectified once payment has been made and the Design has been sent for printing. Payment of the invoice constitutes acceptance of all the details contained on the invoice and the final Design proof(s). In case of errors noted after payment has been made, the Buyer will be responsible for all replacement costs.

Hire Terms & Conditions


1. PROVISION, ACCESS & STORAGE: Dreamcatcher Events will supply the following goods and services at the event, depending on level of service required: The hired items listed on the invoice and service agreement; delivery, set up & collection (where applicable) from the venue at the agreed date and time.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure there is suitable space for the hired item at the venue, including access        to and within the venue itself. It is the responsibility of the Client to inform us if there are any loading                    restrictions at the venue e.g. steps or stairs, tight corners, steep hills, no lift access, etc.

LARGE/ HEAVY ITEMS: e.g. candy carts, etc. will require delivery to the venue by Dreamcatcher Events.              Suitable lift access must be provided if the event is not on the ground floor. Failure to notify us may result in            the equipment not being able to access the venue. Due to insurance restrictions, only persons employed by            Dreamcatcher Events are authorised to manoeuvre equipment. It is the client’s responsibility to check with the          venue that they are happy for us to provide this service within their property. Dreamcatcher Events will not be        held responsible if we are unable to fulfil our obligations to the client due to inadequate access or storage            space within the venue or where the venue has refused entry. Where we are unable to fulfil our obligations to        the client due to the aforementioned reasons, this will incur the loss of the total hire charge. 

2. REQUESTS: We will always attempt to honour any special requests made by the client, and these should be advised at time of booking.

3. DELIVERY: The goods (excluding large items) can be collected from us by prior arrangement. Where set up is required, the goods will be set up and collected by Dreamcatcher Events at an agreed date and time. Larger items will require set up by Dreamcatcher Events and it is agreed by both parties that they will remain stationary throughout the event. Delivery is free within a 20-mile radius of DD10 8RB. Any additional mileage is calculated at £0.35 per mile and will incur the cost of two return journeys for full day events & weddings. Mileage is calculated using Google Maps directions and journey times. For delivery outwith the free 20-mile radius, the cost of goods hired must be £50 or over.

4. SAFE USE OF EQUIPMENT: Dreamcatcher Events will ensure the goods are fit for purpose and provided to the client in a clean, safe and secure manner. Any attempt made to use the hired item(s) for anything other than their specific purpose or any action which may cause damage to the hired items, e.g. move, push, pull, climb on, etc will be deemed misuse of the goods. Dreamcatcher Events will not be held responsible for any accident or injury caused by misuse of the goods, and the client will be held responsible for any damages or breakages incurred through misuse.

Children should be supervised at all times as Dreamcatcher Events cannot be held responsible if a child                chokes on any of the items provided at the event or incurs injury from any of the equipment provided,                  notwithstanding our legal obligations to the and their guests.

HOT FOOD: The Client must be aware of the dangers of hot food. Notices will be put up in front of the machines to highlight the dangers to guests. Dreamcatcher Events will not be held responsible if the client or their guests incur injury through touching or handling the equipment. The equipment will be operated by trained staff only.

Any accident or injury resulting from equipment failure will be deemed the responsibility of Dreamcatcher              Events. We hold Public Liability Insurance and will provide details to the in the case of a claim against us.

5. ALLERGIES: The client will notify Dreamcatcher Events of any known guest allergies or sensitivities at time of booking; Dreamcatcher Events will provide confectionery based on the information given at time of booking and will attempt to offer an alternative to those with allergies. Where requested, Dreamcatcher Events will make all ingredient lists available to the client, highlighting all common allergens. Dreamcatcher Events cannot be deemed liable should any guests at the event have an allergic reaction to any confectionery provided.

6. HYGIENE: All our goods are stored in a clean environment and all food storage & handling equipment is sterilised after each use. We are registered and subject to inspection by the Environmental Health department of Angus Council.

8. DAMAGES: All goods provided by us will be listed, checked and signed for on delivery and photographs taken. The client will be responsible for ensuring that there will be someone available to check and sign for the goods.  Where there is no one available to sign for the goods, photographic evidence will be taken as proof of delivery. All goods listed are returned to us in the condition in which they were delivered i.e. with no damage or equipment missing. This will be confirmed by us on collection of the goods. All damages will incur a replacement charge which the client will be fully responsible for. Full replacement charges will be listed on the final invoice. The client will be liable for any legal costs incurred attempting to obtain payment of these charges.

9. DELAYED COLLECTION: All hired items must be available for collection at the agreed collection time or a delayed collection charge of £20 will be payable. A further charge of £5 per day will be payable until the equipment is returned to us. It will be the responsibility of the client to return the goods to our place of business. The goods must be returned within 5 days or the full replacement cost will be charged, in addition to the delayed collection fees already incurred. The client will be liable for any legal costs incurred attempting to obtain payment of these charges.

10. CANCELLATION: Cancellations must be notified to Dreamcatcher Events IN WRITING as soon as possible, so that the date can be opened up to other customers. Cancellation fees :

                              Up to 14 days from date of booking: FREE

                              Over 14 days from date of booking and up to 28 days prior to the event: Booking Deposit

                              14 - 28 days prior to the event: 75% of total booking fee

                              Less than 14 days prior to the event: 100% of total booking fee

If Dreamcatcher Events require to cancel an existing booking, we will endeavour to find an alternative supplier to provide the goods & services, and where this is not possible, to provide a full refund within 48 hours.

11. AMENDMENTS: All amendments to the contract must be notified no less than 28 days prior to the event. Any amendment must be notified to us as soon as possible. If we are able to accommodate the changes there will be no charge. If we are unable to accommodate, this will incur a loss of hire fee.

12. BOOKING DEPOSIT: A non-refundable booking fee, which is deductible from the total payment amount, is required at time of booking to reserve your chosen date. Dreamcatcher Events will place a "hold" on your event date for 7 days from the date given on the invoice for the deposit to be paid. After this time, unless the booking deposit has been received, the date will be opened up to new customers.

Booking deposit fees:

                             Weddings & events with over 30 guests: £50

                             Weddings & events with less than 30 guests 50% of total hire fee

12. PAYMENT: Dreamcatcher Events will receive the full amount payable no less than 28 days prior to the event. Non-payment by this date will be considered as cancellation and will incur a full loss of deposit. For bookings made less than 28 days prior to the event, full payment must be received within 48 hours. Non-payment within this time will be considered as cancellation.